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            โปรโมชั่น เล่น คา สิ โน เป็น อาชีพ

            Pay your Wendell Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes Online

            There is a new way to submit payments for Wendell taxes. This online service is available for the recently released 2018 Motor Vehicle excise tax bills and will be an option for all Motor Vehicle, Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills going forward. Bills will be available for online payment as soon as the paper versions of the bills have been mailed out. The online payment option is only available through the due date.


            Dog License Reminder

            Reminder to dog owners: A large number of people have failed to license their dogs this year. Not only is licensing good for the town and for your dog, it is also required by State law. Please take the necessary steps to obtain your dog license. In the near future, the Dog Officer will be providing the Selectboard with a list of those who are still not in compliance so that further action can be taken. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.


            Wendell's Flag Flies at the State House

            Wendell's new town flag, which was jointly designed by Wendell residents Donna Horn and Pam Richardson, was displayed for the first time at Old Home Day in 2015. Nancy Aldrich, our Town Coordinator, sewed the original flag, which currently hangs in the Selectboard office. As seen in these photographs, a replica of this flag was produced and now hangs proudly in the State House Hall of Flags in Boston, joining flags from cities and towns across the Commonwealth.


            Final East County Transit Study Available

            The Final East County Transit Study commisioned by FRCOG is now available. It is available from the FRCOG's website at http://frcog.org/final-east-county-transit-study-available/. The PDF document is also available on the Wendell Free Library's server at http://public.wendellfreelibrary.org/FRCOG/East-County-Transit-Study_Final.pdf. This link will only work at the library, either on the patron workstations or wireless on the library's wireless network.


            WRATS Food and Paper Waste Compost Program

            For full details on this new WRATS program, download the letter from Franklin County Solid Waste Management District.


            Wendell MassGIS Maps

            Here is a connection to MassGIS map of Wendell. There are many data layers to look at including assessor lots.


            The Website Committee Wants You!

            Can you wrestle a computer mouse with one hand tied behind your back? Do you know where your shift keys are? Can you type with at least 2 fingers? If you can do this and are not intimidated by blinking cursors or colorful graphics, The Wendell Website Committee Wants You!


            Office Hours & Phone

            Town Offices
            9 Morse Village Road
            Wendell, MA 01379

            Mailing Address:
            Town of Wendell
            P.O. Box 41
            Wendell, MA 01379

            Town Coordinator - Nancy Aldrich
            Tues/Thu 8:30a-4p
            (978) 544-3395 ext. 100

            Town Clerk - Gretchen Smith
            Wed 6:30-8:30pm
            978-544-3395978-544-3395 ext. 102

            WRATS - (978) 544-7287(978) 544-7287
            Tues 12p-6p; Sat 7:30am-3:30pm

            Library - (978) 544-3559(978) 544-3559
            See the Library Hours page for current open hours.

            Download a list of Town of Wendell Contacts

            More Departments...

            Pay Your Taxes Online

            Online tax payment links:

            Unipay (if paying on time):
            For payment of overdue Motor Vehicle Excise taxes that have been forwarded to the Deputy Collector:

            Detailed instructions are available on the Tax Collector's page.

            Household Hazardous Waste Collection

            As a resident of Wendell you have access to at least six Household Hazardous Waste collection events each year:

            Coming Events

            Board of Health
            Mon Jan 28 @07:00PM -
            Understanding Racism - 3 part series
            Fri Feb 01 @07:00PM -
            AA Open Meeting
            Sat Feb 02 @06:00PM - 07:00PM
            Sat Feb 02 @07:30PM -
            Wendell Meditation Group
            Sun Feb 03 @08:30AM - 09:30AM
            Mostly Yoga
            Sun Feb 03 @10:00AM -
            AA Open Meeting
            Sun Feb 03 @06:00PM - 07:00PM
            Fire Department Committee
            Mon Feb 04 @08:00PM -
            Road Commissioners
            Tue Feb 05 @06:30PM -
            Wed Feb 06 @07:00PM -

            Energy saving tip of the month: 

            Get a FREE home energy audit with MassSave.com

            Old Home Day


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